Copper conductor, XLPE insulated, armoured cables, Cable Code 2XWY/2XFY

Cable Structure

generally conforms to IS 7098-1, BS 5467, IEC 60502-1, BS 7889


Material - Copper solid or stranded wires class 1 or 2 according to IEC 60228.


XLPE-Cross linked polyethylene compound

Inner Sheath:



Single layer of GS round wire or Flat Strips

Outer Sheath:

PVC TYPE ST-2 OF IS : 5831


XLPE Armoured Cables
Power cables for energy supply are installed outdoors, in underground, in water, indoors, in cable ducts, power stations, for industry and distribution boards as well as in subscriber networks, where mechanical damages are not to be expected.

Standard length cable packing:
Coils 100, 200, 300, 500, 1000 m. in wooden reels

Color Coding: AS IS 1554 ( Indian Standard )
Single core 2 Core 3 Core 4 Core 5 Core
Red or Black Red, Black Red, Yellow, Blue Red, Yellow, Blue, Black Red, Yellow, Blue, Black, Grey
Color coding: AS IEC 60502 Part-1, B.S. 6346
Single core 2 Core 3 Core 4 Core 5 Core
Black or Yellow/Green Blue and Brown or Yellow-Green and Black Brown, Black, Grey or Yellow/Green, Blue, Brown Blue, Brown, Black, Grey or Yellow/Green, Brown, Black, Grey Blue, Brown, Black, Grey, Black or Yellow/Green, Blue, Brown, Black, Grey
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