Points to Consider Before Purchasing Submersible Pump Cables.

Jainson submersible cables at the lowest price, submersible pump cables, and submersible pump wire manufacturers, suppliers, and exporters in India Range of PVC 3 and 4 core flat cables, round cables,double-sheathed, EPDM rubber 3 and 4 core, and more.

Jainson Cables has developed high-quality submersible cables through continuous research and development. Keeping the needs of our Global Customers in mind and the ever changing technology, Jainson is a one-stop solution for all the cable requirements for the submersible pumps. We provide different types of Submersible Pumps Cables,curated as per the requirements of our Global clientele.

Since submersible pumps are linked to the sealed motor submerged in the water. This requires special submersible pump cables specifically designed for appliances coming in frequent contact with water or any fluids, for that matter.

Jainson Cables offers a wide range of submersible pump cables, such as

    1. PVC 3 & 4 Core flat cables
    2. PVC 3 & 4 Core round cables
    3. PVC 3 & 4 Core double-sheathed round cables
    4. EPDM Rubber 3 & 4 Core flat cables
    4. H07RNF Rubber 3 & 4 Core round cables
    5. AWG (American Wire Gauge) PVC 3 & 4 Core flat cables
    6. AWG (American Wire Gauge) EPDM Rubber 3 & 4 Core flat cables

The purpose of the Submersible pump cable is to supply power to the submersible motor. The submersible pump cables are specially designed for flexibility and high tensile strength.

High-quality virgin grade insulation material allows the cables to withstand high heat even in continuous heavy-duty usage for uninterrupted and seamless power supply to the submersible motor.

Submersible Pump cables are used in the agriculture sector for open wells, borewells, irrigation systems and equipment, dewatering in mining facilities, and domestic use in high-rise apartments for pumping water to the overhead tanks.

Things to keep in mind before buying submersible pump cables.

1. Durability

While buying Submersible Pump cables, you need to ensure that the cables are made of 100% EC Grade Copper and virgin grade insulation material for longer durability even in continuous heavy duty usage.

2. Flexibility

Submersible Cables should be flexible with high tensile strength to withstand bending and sustain the weight of the motor as the motors are suspended vertically in the underground borewells.

3. Insulation material

While choosing a cable, you must ensure the insulation material is completely safe. In the case of Jainson's submersible pump cables, rubber and PVC are used as insulation for complete safety.

4. Efficiency

You need to ensure that these cables are of the highest quality. At Jainson Cables India, we maintain high-quality standards, enabling the cables to work in the toughest conditions where sustainability is challenged.

5. Resistance

While buying cables, you must ensure that the copper conductor construction is such that it passes the Conductor Resistance Test. Jainson Cables are made with 100% EC grade copper and made with precise copper construction as per the Global Standards.

6. Voltage

Check the voltage ratings of the submersible pump cable before purchasing it. For the selection of the correct size of Submersible Cable, the length of the cable and the Horse Power Capacity of the Submersible Pump are crucial. Correct selection ensures longer life of both the Submersible Cable and the Submersible Pump Set.


This blog provides a brief overview of the points to remember before purchasing a submersible pump cable. At Jainson Cables, we have ensured that we provide the best quality of our products. From Research to Developing, we are certain that our wires and cables are made with ZERO defects. Still not sure which submersible pump cables to buy? Reach out to https://jainsoncablesindia.com/contact-us for more information.