Safeguard Your Home From Wire Accidents This Diwali

Diwali is a grand festival in India celebrated across the country with a lot of joy. The lighting of lamps, bursting crackers to various pujas being performed during this time. However, the close proximity of wires with the lamps and crackers can often lead to a hazard you would like to avoid.

Fire-related accidents and short circuits are common during this time due to faulty circuits and poor-quality cables. Choosing authentic and ISI - Certified wires will save you from any unexpected hazards. Today, in this guide, we will highlight the things you should keep in mind before purchasing a wire to ensure its safety and of quality standards. We recommend the use of authentic Jainson wires only rather than opting for cheaper versions of fake wires available in the market today. There are some wires that are sold using our brand name and logo.

Tips for choosing standard wires to avoid any hazards this Diwali and ones more to come.

1. Wire Insulation

It is advised to purchase wires with 3 coatings or layers. Usually, the first layer is water resistant, the second one is heat resistant and the third one is fire retardant. These layers can withstand high insulation, maintaining its integrity without melting even at temperatures exceeding 100°C.

2. Quality Standards

Usually, house wires are made from metals like aluminium and copper. Copper is a preferred material for wires and generally, experts suggest going for copper wires for its durability and high quality. However, depending on the use, you can consult an expert for the right material type based on your usage.

3. Multiple Strands

Ensure you opt for a wire with multiple strands rather than one with a single strand.

4. Use ISI-hallmarked products

When you purchase any wire, you should check for the ISI certification to ensure its quality standards. ISI mark assures that the product is of a certain quality and safe for use.

5. Insulation

Opt for yellow, red and blue colour wires for insulation for the 3 phases. Black, grey and white coloured wire for neutral and green wire is suitable for earthing.

6. Cable Size

When it comes to safety, the size of the wire or cable does matter. Let us state three crucial factors that help determine the right size of wire you should choose. Some of the crucial factors that you should access before it include- voltage regulation, current carrying capacity and short circuit rating.

Avoiding consideration of these factors often leads to selecting the wrong wires and cables for your space. Keeping them in mind will help protect your property from hazards like short circuits.

Why should you consider the manufacturer brand for the cables and wires?

Why should you consider the manufacturer brand for the cables and wires?

We wouldn’t say that only the branded products offer the best quality wires and cables. However, branded products are more likely to follow strict testing standards to adhere to stringent certification standards like for ISI-hallmark. We recommend buying authentic wires and don’t stress on purchasing only branded products.

Why choose Jainson Cables?

Jainson Cables is a leading manufacturer of different wires and cables for over a period of 4 decades. It is our superior quality products and commitment to providing the best solutions we have been able to sustain and grow in the industry for such a long time.

Our advanced manufacturing facility is equipped with German Plant and Machinery of Coperien and NIEHOFF that help us manufacture a wide range of products ranging from 0.5sq. mm to 1,000 sq. mm.

We don’t believe in one-size-fits-all and to cater to individual needs, we do customize products. Let’s have a look at our product range:

1. House and Building Wires

2. Flexible Copper Welding Cables

3. Solar Cables

4. Submersible Pump Cables and Winding Wires

5. Multicore Flexicore Industrial Cables

6. Harmonised Rubber Cables

7. LT Power and Control Cables

We adhere to strict testing compliance for each of our wires to ensure zero defect products.